Pastoral Care

We believe that young people learn most effectively when they are happy, comfortable and recognised as individuals with unique talents and aspirations.

COLAHH has a warm atmosphere of friendship, support, trust and mutual respect.  Our comprehensive pastoral care system gives students stability and security and a strong foundation of support for all areas of college life and beyond.  We carefully monitor individual progress and in close partnership with parents, we help our students to set challenging targets for ongoing improvement.

COLAHH has excellent standards of behaviour and discipline, founded in a powerful sense of motivation and collective responsibility.

Pastoral Care Structure

COLAHH has five year groups - Years 7-11. Each year group has a different number of form groups depending upon the size of the year group.

Each form group has a Form Tutor and Co-Tutor. The Form Tutor sees the students twice a day and is responsible for addressing any minor pastoral needs. The Form Tutor has a record of all students achievements for that day and can celebrate this with the students. He/she also has a record of any minor behavioural issues and will discuss these with the students.

The five year groups are divided into two Key Stages - Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9) and Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11). Each year group is managed by a senior member of staff, who monitors the care, guidance and support given to students in the academy.
Year 7 has a Head of Year, whilst Years 8 - 11 have a Key Stage 3 and 4 Head of Achievement and Pastoral Manager. These members of staff are responsible for the pastoral care of all their form groups and will follow up any more serious issues.  They work closely with support staff to ensure each student is receiving any necessary support. If you have a concern or query about your son / daughter this is the person to contact via the academy office.

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