Our values

The City of London Academies Trust is committed to creating educational opportunities of the highest quality.

Our overarching vision is to found an academy which will exemplify ‘Outstanding’ secondary practice, evidenced by excellent attainment and progress for all pupils. From the outset we will want to ensure that the academy is underpinned by shared values and ambitions so that this new member of our educational family can be graded as ‘Outstanding’ within three years.

Each of our existing secondary academies provide learning experiences that reflect the characteristics for which the City is known around the world:

  • High expectations, aspirations, excellence and a belief that all can succeed
  • Contributing creativity, innovation and enterprise alongside tradition and heritage
  • Developing people who are confident, resilient, compassionate and democratic


Our over-arching ethos for the City of London Academy Highgate Hill will be:

  • To develop the potential and character of all students in all global spheres; academic, social, cultural and spiritual
  • To nurture students who are creative, curious and compassionate into adults who are able to make a positive and significant contribution to our world
  • To recognise the importance of fostering understanding and respect for other cultures and faiths
  • To promote the importance of developing positive relationships with others, resolving conflict through reconciliation and forgiveness
  • To cultivate a community in which the talents of both students and staff are mutually recognised, valued and encouraged
  • To promote equal opportunities for all

City of London Academy Highgate Hill

Holland Walk | Duncombe Road | Archway | London | N19 3EU

Telephone: 020 7281 3536

Part of:

City of London
Academies Trust